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We offer in combination with the AID basic Test kits several tested and validated antigens for EliSpot experiments.

Available Antigens:
ELSP5901 PHA-P (Phytohämagglutinin)
ELSP5903 PPD (Tuberkulin)
ELSP5904 Pokeweed mitogen
ELSP5905 Borrelia B31 Lysat
ELSP5909 EBV Lysat
ELSP5910 CMV Lysat *
ELSP5912 Helicobacter Lysat
ELSP5915 Candida Lysat
ELSP5916 HSV 1 Lysat
ELSP5917 HSV 2 Lysat
ELSP5919 Borrelia OSP C
ELSP5922 Chlamydia trachomatis Lysat *
ELSP5923 Chlamydia pneumoniae Lysat *
ELSP5924 EBV Peptid-Mix
ELSP5935 CEF Pool *
ELSP5938 EBV Lytic-Mix
ELSP5939 EBV Latent-Mix
ELSP5940 CMV pp65 *
ELSP5941 LFA-1 Peptid-Mix
ELSP5943 CMV IE1 *
ELSP5946 Borrelia OSP-Mix
ELSP5949 Yersinien YOP‘s
ELSP5950 Aspergillus Peptid-Mix 1
ELSP5951 Aspergillus Peptid-Mix 2
ELSP5956 BKV VP1 Peptid-Mix
ELSP5957 BKV LT Peptid-Mix
ELSP5958 Borrelia miyamotoi
ELSP5961 MycoMix 1+2
ELSP5962 Mycoplasma pneumoniae
ELSP5963 Babesia microti
ELSP5964 Bartonella henselae
ELSP5965 Varicella zoster Virus (gE)
ELSP5981 Ehrlichia Proteine


  • Ready-to-use in cell culture medium
  • Tested and validated for use in EliSpot
  • Sufficient for 12 wells
  • *

Elispot Assay